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Toneforge® Jason Richardson is the signature guitar rig plugin of guitar virtuoso Jason Richardson. It’s an all-in-one suite of amps, cabinets, microphones, effects, and post processors designed to cover the immense variety an artist like Jason demands of his studio software!

Jason Richardson has achieved a level of unparallelled notoriety as a modern, innovative guitarist in the music community. As a former member of Born of Osiris, Chelsea Grin, and All Shall Perish, and a current member of All That Remains, Jason has forged his name into the foundational bedrock of deathcore, metalcore, progressive metal, and djent.

Not one to be put in a box, Jason’s chops are showcased on plenty of solo work as well - from his albums I [2016], I (The Orchestral Sessions) [2020], and II [2022] to guest spots on singles with Polyphia, August Burns Red, Veil of Maya, Within Destruction, and more. His solo work shows just how versatile of a player Jason is - with genres and tones ranging from metal to country to classical and everything in between.

Toneforge® Jason Richardson was designed in collaboration with Jason Richardson and engineer/producer/mixer Taylor Larson (Periphery, Veil of Maya, Erra, From First To Last) during their recording sessions for Jason’s solo album. As a result, the plugin isn’t a reproduction of the sounds you’ve heard - it’s the exact amp tone you hear in his music.

Album-Used Amps

Toneforge® Jason Richardson offers three amps to choose from - a Clean amp, a Rhythm amp, and a Lead amp. Each amp offers its own unique characteristics and range which, when paired with effects and cabs, give you a broad range of tone to choose from.


Jason's clean amp offers a clear, transparent sound which can be pushed into light breakup at higher gain levels. Even then, it remains crystalline - glassy, round, and full of dynamic range.


Jason’s rhythm amp offers powerful, aggressive tones. It’s perfect for creating a driving, rhythmic foundation for any genre or subgenre of metal or rock. Look no further for the perfect, djenty chug.


Jason's lead amp is characterized by its heavily saturated, high-gain amp tone. With loads of sustain, midrange emphasis, and compression, it’s ideal for shredding solos and leads that cut through any mix.

Battle-Tested Effects

Jason & Taylor used a variety of effects to bring their vision to life in their recording sessions using Toneforge® Jason Richardson. In the studio, they employed custom delay, reverb and lofi pedals to create spacious, atmospheric, and at times gritty sounds. Collectively, these effects contributed to a cohesive album that stands out from other modern metal releases.


Add depth and dimension to your sound with Jason’s delay pedal with settings that range from subtle and understated to complex and otherworldly.

  • Time allows you to adjust the length of the delay, which can range from short and snappy to long and ethereal.
  • Tone can be used to shape the tone of the delayed signal, making it brighter or darker depending on the desired effect.
  • Mix allows you to blend the delayed signal with your dry signal, creating a balance between the two.
  • Width adjusts the stereo spread of the delayed signal, which can add a sense of space to the sound.
  • Feedback adjusts the number of repeats of the delayed signal, allowing the guitarist to create a repeating pattern or a continuous wash of sound.

Californian Reverb

Expand into further depths and ambience with Jason’s reverb guitar pedal.

  • Size adjusts the size of the virtual room or space that the reverb emulates, affecting the decay time and overall tonality of the reverb effect.
  • Pre Delay determines the amount of time between the initial guitar signal and the onset of the reverb effect, which can help to create a more natural-sounding reverb.
  • Mix allows you to blend the dry and wet signals, which can affect the intensity and overall presence of the reverb effect in the mix.


Jason’s lofi guitar pedal was designed to achieve a unique and gritty sound as a special effect. Use it as a way to create more impactful transitions or layered with more full-range guitars for a band-passed, distorted, uniquely filtered sound.

  • Amount allows you to adjust the level of the lofi effect, determining how much of the signal is affected by the pedal.
  • Distortion allows you to add varying levels of distortion to the signal, creating a range of overdriven tones.
  • Range control adjusts the frequency range of the lofi effect, allowing you to create a lo-fi sound that is either high-pitched or low-pitched.

Use all of these effects together or toggle them off individually with software-enabled true bypass.

Modeled and Matched Cabinets

Toneforge® Jason Richardson has both a modeled and matched cabinet to choose from depending on the style of sound you’re after. Check out both options below and quickly toggle between them to audition the differences in the plugin.

JST 4x12 Cab

To perfectly pair the cabinet with the amp’s topology and extended low-range support, Joey Sturgis Tones developed a proprietary matched cabinet emulation that responds and reacts to changes to the amp’s settings and player’s style in the same way a physical cabinet might. This closed loop is one of the biggest benefits to having a virtual guitar rig - by controlling both the front-end inputs from the amp and the output from the cabinet, great tone can be more than captured; it can be reproduced time and time again!

PRS 4x12 Cab

Using impulse responses captured by Taylor Larson at Oceanic Recording, we were able to model a modern closed-back 4x12 cabinet loaded with classic Vintage 30 speakers exclusively for Toneforge® Jason Richardson with incredible accuracy. With one of the biggest engineers in metal behind it, how could it sound anything less than amazing?

Industry-Standard Mic Locker

We’ve included 4 unique microphone options for you to pair with either cabinet in Toneforge® Jason Richardson:


An expensive-sounding microphone capable of capturing the full frequency spectrum in a detailed, transparent manner.


A classic dynamic microphone with more focused midrange and extended low end.


A studio workhorse dynamic microphone placed on-axis for direct, straightforward tone.

57 off-axis

The same studio workhorse placed off-axis for a slightly darker, rounded tone.

Not finding the right combination? With Toneforge® Menace’s Impulse Response loader, you can import any of your favorite cabinet/microphone combinations from your collection. Check out our impulse response packs to learn more.

Studio-Grade Parametric EQ

A huge part of achieving mix-ready guitar tones comes down to the post processing, which is why we’ve included a parametric EQ with Toneforge® Jason Richardson (and a first-of-its-kind Dynamic Processor which we’ll get to in just a moment).

The Parametric EQ in Toneforge® Jason Richardson is a studio-grade effects unit that could go toe-to-toe with the best dedicated EQs on the market. Instead, we’ve elected to pair it specifically to Toneforge® Jason Richardson - allowing us to fine-tune it to work its best with this amp. As a result, you’re getting a fully optimized, end-to-end guitar tone solution.

Exclusive Dynamic Processor

In addition to the parametric EQ, Toneforge® Jason Richardson’s post-processing features include a low-end focused dynamic processor designed by Joey Sturgis, exclusively to address issues commonly only found with low-tuned and extended-range guitars.

Use the dynamic processor to limit the output of Toneforge® Jason Richardson without sacrificing that body and extreme low end you love. With Low Range and Reduction controls, you can set exactly how much the dynamic processor tightens up your sound before it reaches your mix!

Get instant, mix-ready guitar tones with Toneforge® Jason Richardson so you can spend more time creating and less time mixing today! Toneforge is guitar tone simplified.

What You'll Get

  • Single-User Perpetual Software License
  • Audio Plugin in AAX, AU, & VST3 formats
  • User Manual


  • Mac or Windows computer with supported OS and supported DAW

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 7+ (64-bit): VST3, AAX
  • macOS 10.14+ (Intel or M-Series, 64-bit): VST3, AU, AAX

Supported DAWs

  • Cubase
  • Reaper
  • Pro Tools
  • Logic
  • GarageBand
  • Ableton Live
  • Studio One
  • FL Studio
  • Digital Performer
  • LUNA


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