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Toneforge Disruptor is a virtual guitar rig plugin & standalone app that simplifies guitar tone and provides all the necessary tools for guitarists, mixers, and producers to create detailed metal tones. Developed in collaboration with Dino Cazares, the guitarist for Fear Factory, it is the first virtual rig to offer DI Match Technology, String/Tuning Mode calibrations, and AI-matched Dino Cazares tones using a Neural Network algorithm. The plugin also includes an Autonomous Dynamic System, a built-In Dynamic EQ, three Amp Channels, a redesigned Cab Room, and a complete suite of effects pedals.

Guitar Tone Pioneers

Cazares and Joey Sturgis have been pioneers in the use of digital modeling technology to create guitar tones that were previously unattainable. Cazares is a founding member of Fear Factory and has been using digital amp modeling and extended-range guitars since the 1990s. His work has inspired many metal and rock artists to add extended-range guitars to their sound, leading to some of the most innovative tones of the last 30 years. Sturgis, a producer and engineer, has also contributed to the use of technology in guitar tone and has worked with bands such as Asking Alexandria and Of Mice & Men. Together, their influence continues to shape the sound of modern metal and rock music.

The Sound

JST embarked on a mission to design a next gen virtual guitar rig that boasts a unique set of features unparalleled by any other amp sims currently available on the market. But this is so much more than an amp sim.

Toneforge Disruptor was born from our collaboration with Dino and gave way to three incredible amp models, an all-new cab room with virtual microphone positioning, and a completely customizable drag-and-drop pedalboard. The various amps and tones found in Disruptor are built using a combination of white box, black box, and neural network modeling methods to achieve accurate recreations of various tones from Dino’s career.

That being said, the true power of Toneforge Disruptor comes from the flexibility found around the traditional signal chain. Keep reading for some of the biggest highlights found in the new plugin and how you can get started with them.

Feature Overview

Toneforge Disruptor features a vast amount of tone shaping and pro mixing tools to create and mix your guitar tone from scratch.

Here’s an overview of all the included features:

DI Match Technology™

Until now, amp sims have been plagued by one significant issue: accounting for the input guitar's source DI, which ultimately shapes every guitar tone. Today, we're excited to reveal an innovative solution that promises to deliver unparalleled tonal accuracy and consistency.

Toneforge Disruptor’s DI Match technology enables guitarists and mixers everywhere to get closer to the tones they want at the source. With DI Match, you can quickly and easily match any DI guitar to another DI source’s tonality. Some common examples include:

  • Matching your DI’s sound to a DI from a previous session
  • Matching your DI’s sound to another musician’s DI sound
  • Matching your DI’s sound to a different guitar configuration (guitar style, pickup, strings, etc.)

This feature can save hours of time in the studio trying to create more consistent tones since you can effectively match your raw DI tone to any other DI source you have access to. To get you started, we’ve included two of Dino’s DI captures, plus pink & white noise captures.

Looking for that extra push? DI Match includes an “Active Circuit” switch which emulates the internal preamp of an active pickup. Drive the gain knob to push the active pickup into clipping territory for some truly aggressive results!

String Tuning & Calibration

Have you ever noticed just how underwhelming your amp sims sound when paired with ultra low-tuned guitars?

While many amp sim developers may use a "magic" switch that boosts 150 Hz (or something similar) to compensate for the additional body and depth found in extended range guitars, Toneforge Disruptor offers a unique level of control that truly sets it apart.

In this plugin, you can use String & Tuning Modes to fine tune the internal modeling circuits based on the number of strings on your guitar and the tuning you’re in. Working in half-step intervals, Toneforge Disruptor is the most flexible amp sim for metal genres as it truly molds to your source.

String Mode: This feature allows the plugin to optimize the internal amp processing for guitars with different numbers of strings – 6, 7, or 8. This is important because guitars with more strings, especially those with 7 or 8, tend to have a wider range of frequencies. String mode ensures that the amp models can effectively handle these variations in frequencies.

Tuning Mode: This feature caters to different tuning styles, such as Drop F, which is a popular alternative tuning for heavier music styles. The plugin optimizes its internal processing to better accommodate alternate tunings. Tuning mode ensures that the guitar tone remains consistent and accurate regardless of the tuning you choose.

Hybrid Amp Modeling

Toneforge Disruptor offers a best-in-class hybrid amp selection with 3 channels to choose from. The channels included in this Toneforge model range from analog-modeled high-gain tube amps to prototypical modes built on custom DSP for ultra-saturated, brutal tone.

Martyr - A very versatile clean amp that can go from squeaky clean to absolutely pushed and crunchy

Replica - An emulation of Dino’s very own infamous modded JCM 800

Protomech - A high gain amp that features 5 different neural network tone-mached high gain tones from various points in Dino’s career (based on songs, gear, live tone, etc.)

These virtual amps were created with a variety of circuit modeling (white box), and Neural Network tone match modeling techniques (black box). These 3 amps allow you to construct pretty much any electric guitar tone imaginable, right down to pushing the output tubes of a real amp!

Total Cab & Mic Simulation

Toneforge Disruptor features a modernized cab room, capable of producing a wide range of mic’d up cabinet tones. Select between Single and Dual cabinet modes to blend multiple combinations together for even more control.

All of the impulse responses used to generate the cab models included with Toneforge Disruptor were captured by Rick Carson and Ryan Harvey at Make Believe Studio - the producer/mixer/engineer behind the original SPRES impulse response that changed the heavy in-the-box guitar tone game for everyone!

Rectifire 4x12

An oversized 4x12 speaker cabinet based on an industry-standard model used by metal guitarists for high-gain tone since the early ‘90s.This cab is capable of pushing punishing low-end, demanding resonance, and cutting clarity & presence.

M60B 4x12

Another common studio and stage staple is the M60B 4x12 - a closed-back cabinet with plenty of power of its own. While not as resonant as the oversized Rectifire, this cab is still loaded with plenty of versatility and tonal range while giving you that “larger than life” sound when driven.

Rectifire 2x12

For a tighter, balanced tone, the Rectifire 2x12 has everything a modern metal guitarist needs to keep their low-end in check while still pushing the aggression and punch of the amp. While smaller in size than the other two options, the Rectifire 2x12 tends to cut through dense mixes a bit with a bit more clarity than the other two options.

Virtual Mic Locker

With Toneforge Disruptor, you’ve got access to an updated virtual mic locker with in-room controls like Mic Position and Distance for the first time ever in a Toneforge product - making it easy to move your mics around the speaker as if you were in a physical room with the amp. As you move the mic around the speaker, you’re selecting actual impulses from those locations taken in the real physical world with the selected mic in the selected position on the selected speaker. There is very limited interpolation.

Select from the following mic options:

Dynamic 57 - A studio workhorse dynamic microphone placed on-axis for direct, straightforward tone.

Dynamic 421 - A classic dynamic microphone with more focused midrange and extended low end.

Condenser - An expensive-sounding microphone capable of capturing the full frequency spectrum in a detailed, transparent manner.

Ribbon - A natural-sounding microphone capable of capturing sound in the same way you hear it.

Not finding the right combination? With Toneforge® Disruptor’s Impulse Response loader, you can import any of your favorite cabinet/microphone combinations from your collection. Check out our impulse response packs to learn more.

Mix-and-Match Effects

Customize your signal chain with studio-grade effects that can be added/removed to your chain quicker and easier than swapping a patch cable.

Descent Chorus

A multi-functional chorus pedal capable of generating everything from warm natural chorusing to a deep, pulsating chorus effect. Enable “Recode” mode to fundamentally change the sound of the chorus in a new and unique way. It’s like having two chorus pedals in one!


An audio resolution manipulator for creating low resolution audio and bit crushed sounds. This pedal emulates the “Sample + Hold I” mode of the Pixelator plugin, which only affects the sample divider feature.

Soul Hacker Lo Fi

A filter effect pedal designed to create a vintage/degraded tone by reducing the fidelity of your guitars in a harmonically pleasing way.

Fuel Injected Overdrive

A high-gain distortion stompbox for leaning full-tilt into the overdriven sound Toneforge Disruptor is capable of producing. Use it with Martyr or Replica amps to add a bit more tube breakup, or with Protomech to push your tone into all-out insanity.

Battle for Utopia Reverb

A high-end reverb effect pedal that transcends traditional reverb sounds and provides a platform for sonic exploration into new soundscapes. Create droning, spacey reverbs with the Battle for Utopia Reverb effect.

High-Tech Delay

A modern classic delay effect pedal with 4 modes to choose from. Select from Digital, Analog, Lofi, and Ping-Pong modes depending on the genre and style of effect you’re looking for.

Sidewidener II

The ultimate tool for enhancing stereo separation, improving spatial imaging, and creating width from mono sources. This pedal emulates the "Classic Subtle" mode of the Sidewidener II plugin.

Digital & Analog Equalizers

Toneforge Disruptor includes both digital and analog EQ options for maximum flexibility in your post-amp tone.

Advanced Digital EQ

With support for up to 24 bands of equalization, Toneforge Disruptor’s EQ can handle any task - big or small. Each EQ band is highly adjustable - featuring nearly a dozen optional parameters for fine-tuning your equalization efforts, including mid/side and dynamic EQ options. Amp sim plugins have never had access to an EQ this approachable or this packed with so many features.

Kill Resonance with Dynamic EQ

In Dynamic EQ mode, each band will let you set the Threshold, Attack, and Release of the filter. With this, you can create all kinds of automated processors of your own like de-essers, chug controllers, high-shelf exciters, tonal balancers, and more.

But we’ve also included a special resonance killer mode just for Toneforge Disruptor! With the click of a button, you can immediately start killing problematic resonance with a group of pre-configured EQ points. These EQ points move in unison - acting as a group to treat resonance evenly across all harmonics based on the fundamental you select.

Vintage Analog EQ

A vintage Neve-style semi-parametric EQ emulation with four bands to choose from. Features a high-pass filter, low shelf, mid band, and high shelf, the design has been tailored to fit the most common focus areas for EQing guitars.

Autonomous Dynamic System

Toneforge Disruptor features a proprietary Autonomous Dynamic System for handling low-end compression and limiting as the final stage of the signal chain. As an essential part of outputting quality mix-ready guitar tones, the processing applied by this system enables users to truly dial in the intensity and aggression of their post-amp, post-mic tone.

No other amp sim pairs post-amp processing with onboard effects and cab/mic selection as well as Toneforge Disruptor.

What You'll Get

  • Single-User Perpetual Software License
  • 3 iLok Activations, no dongle required
  • Audio Plugin in AAX, AU, & VST3 formats
  • Standalone App
  • User Manual


  • Mac or Windows computer with supported OS and supported DAW
  • FREE iLok Account (iLok dongle NOT required - Computer, iLok 2/3, iLok Cloud activation supported), 3 activations provided

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 7+ (64-bit only): AAX, VST3
  • macOS 10.14+ (Intel, or M-Series. 64-bit only): AAX, AU, VST3
  • Toneforge Disruptor works on Intel, AMD, and Native Apple Silicon (M1, M2, etc.)

Supported DAWs

  • Cubase
  • Reaper
  • Pro Tools
  • Logic
  • Garageband
  • Ableton Live
  • Studio One
  • FL Studio
  • Digital Performer
  • LUNA


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