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JST Sky Box is a versatile and charismatic reverb plugin for mixing and sound design.

Featuring 7 unique reverb modes and built-in modulation, JST Sky Box is the perfect solution for enhancing any instrument or vocal, big or small, all in one compact and easy to use plugin. Let's listen to a few examples:

Whether you're going for a short 80's slap back effect, cavernous ambiance that lives on for days, or maybe something that sounds like angels singing in the skies above - JST Sky Box delivers perfect algorithmic reverbs with ease using its no-brainer controls and very little CPU. Plus, it's fully automateable and includes over 100 presets!

Unique Reverb Modes

With 7 unique reverb modes to choose from, JST Sky Box has all kinds of tonal options worth exploring.


This cloud-like reverb mode is both deep and ethereal, like a distant echo that seems to be coming from all around you. It is a sound that is both calming and unsettling, and it can be difficult to tell where it is coming from or where it is going.


A chorusing reverb mode perfect for long, sustained notes that echo and fade away, like a choir singing in a large, empty space. It is often used in music to create a sense of awe or mystery via modulation.


A shimmery reverb mode characterized by its bright, sparkling sound. It can be used to create a light, airy effect or something a bit sharper as needed.


The Room reverb emulates the sound of the input signal bouncing off the walls of a live room, creating a sense of spaciousness and depth. It is often used in music to create a more natural or intimate sound.


The Plate reverb mode simulates the sound of the input signal bouncing off of a metal plate. It is characterized by a long, smooth decay and a bright, metallic sound.


The Spring reverb mode creates a lush, echoing sound by emulating the sound of your audio signal being routed through a coil of spring, which vibrates and creates a decaying sound.


A dark and ominous reverb mode; the sound of something evil lurking in the shadows, waiting to strike. It is the sound of fear and dread, and it makes your heart race.

6 Mode Specific Controls

Dial in each and every reverb mode with controls tailored to the algorithm you’re working with. Depending on the mode you’re in, these controls will help you achieve a wide variety of sounds in just seconds.


The Decay knob controls how long the reverb effect lasts after the input signal stops. A longer decay will create a more spacious sound, while a shorter decay will create a more immediate sound.


The Pre-Delay knob is used to create a sense of space by delaying the reverb signal by a short amount of time. This can be used to make a sound appear to be coming from a different location, or to add depth and richness to a sound.


The Mod knob adjusts the amount of modulation that’s applied to your reverb effect over time. This creates movement and complexity within your sound.

Modulation can be bypassed altogether using the provided On/Off Switch.


The Tone knob controls the high frequencies of your reverb’s signal. Turning it clockwise increases the high frequencies, while turning it counterclockwise decreases them.


The Mix knob controls the balance between the dry (original) signal and the wet (reverb) signal. By adjusting the mix knob, you can create a variety of effects, from a subtle, natural-sounding reverb to a more dramatic, otherworldly sound.

Advanced Features

For power users that want to dive even deeper into the configuration of their reverbs, we’ve also included over 20 additional advanced features to create the most tweak-able reverb plugin available. Accessed through an “Advanced” menu option, users can unlock more access to JST Sky Box than ever before.

Input/Output Gain

Input gain controls the volume of the signal entering the reverb plugin, while output gain controls the volume of the signal leaving the plugin. The two work together to create the desired amount of reverberation.


Controls that help with the intensity and clarity of the reverb by allowing you to set how closely the plugin follows the input signal and how much the effect is ducked based on the dynamics of the source.


Momentary switches where the former causes the reverb tail to fade out when enabled and the latter holds onto the tail, “freezing” it in place.

Wet Filter

Gives users control over high-pass and low-pass settings of the plugin, eliminating the need for a post-reverb EQ.


Adjust the overall width of the processed signal (and push the boundaries of your stereo field with width settings up to 200%).

Invert Polarity

Inverting the polarity of a signal can help improve the overall sound quality of a reverb effect by eliminating any phase cancellation that may be occurring between the dry and wet signals.

Mono Low-End

Designed to help clean up any muddiness in your mix by folding down the low end content to a mono signal.


Fine-tune the amount of compression, distortion, sample rate manipulation, and pitch shifting happening in the plugin. Each of these settings are fully automatable, expanding on what the Modulation knob already offers.


Expand the decay range of the plugin, making even larger soundscapes in the process.

Sync/Mod Rate

Sync the tempo of pre-delay and modulation to the host session or manually adjust it yourself with the Mod Rate knob if you’d prefer.

Mode-Specific Controls

Each reverb mode comes with its own dedicated advanced control when selected in the plugin. These advanced controls change everything from density to early reflections based on what’s most relevant for the mode you’re in.

100+ Presets

JST Sky Box comes pre-loaded with over 100 stellar presets to choose from, created by professional mixers and engineers, then curated by Joey Sturgis and the rest of the JST Team. As a result, you’ve got tons of options to pull inspiration from for instruments including drums, guitars, vocals, synths, strings, and horns.

Want to go even further? Try some of the more experimental presets we added for sound designers, ambiences, and special effects.

Whatever it is, make it sound beautiful with JST Sky Box.

What You'll Get

  • Single User Perpetual Software License
  • 100+ Presets from Joey Sturgis, JST Team, producers, mixers, and more!
  • Audio Plugin in AU, VST3, AAX formats
  • User Manual


  • Mac or Windows computer with supported OS and supported DAW
  • FREE iLok Account (iLok dongle NOT required - Computer, iLok 2/3, iLok Cloud activation supported), 3 iLok activations

OS Compatibility

  • Windows 7+
  • macOS 10.14+ (Intel, M1)

Supported DAWs

  • Cubase
  • Reaper
  • Pro Tools
  • Logic
  • Garageband
  • Ableton Live
  • Studio One
  • FL Studio
  • Digital Performer
  • LUNA
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