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JST EQ is a flexible, feature-rich equalizer plugin.

With support for up to 24 bands of equalization, JST EQ can handle any EQ task - big or small. Each EQ band is highly adjustable - featuring nearly a dozen optional parameters for fine-tuning your equalization efforts, including mid/side and dynamic EQ options. There’s never been an EQ this approachable or this packed with so many features.

JST EQ has one of the most intuitive user interfaces when it comes to EQ plugins. Each EQ band provides every control you need to adaptively control and sculpt your audio spectrum's sound right at your fingertips. Every possible control for each band is quickly within reach of your mouse!

And everything else? Well it’s all on one screen. By including all the controls and visualizers on one screen, you’re able to see how your adjustments affect your sound in real-time.

At a quick glance, you can see your current audio levels and frequency spectrum during playback. From there, adjusting EQ, creating new bands, and modifying global settings like Polarity, Pan, and Magnitude are just clicks away.

Need more detail? Thanks to its rendered user interface, JST EQ has adaptive resize functionality and fullscreen mode, making it easy to scale up your plugin window when you need to fine tune your settings.

One of the most important elements of a modern EQ plugin is the ability to see and hear exactly how the EQ is changing your sound. With JST EQ, this is done through a visualizer that shows the frequency spectrum both before and after the plugin, ensuring you’re able to see what you’re adding to (and removing from) your signal. It’s the most transparent a plugin can be about what it’s doing to your signal.

Prefer to work with just your ears? We know you might prefer to only use EQ with your ears, which is why JST EQ allows you to independently remove either visualization from the UI. Customize the look and feel of JST EQ from the plugin’s settings menu to suit your exact preferences.

With JST EQ, you can add up to 24 bands of EQ to any track in your mix within a single plugin. No more making tough decisions between notch EQ cuts and broader curves. No more layering EQs for additive and subtractive moves. Just one, clean interface where you can keep all of your EQ moves organized.

Choose Your Filter

JST EQ provides five filter types:

  • High Pass Filter: Attenuate the frequency content below the cutoff frequency.
  • Low Shelf Filter: Boost or cut the frequency content below the selected frequency.
  • Peak Filter: Boost or cut the frequencies around a center frequency.
  • High Shelf Filter: Boost or cut the frequency content above the selected frequency.
  • Low Pass Filter: Attenuate the frequency content above the cutoff frequency

Select a Processing Mode

By default, new bands will process the full audio of your track. When used on a stereo track, they gain additional functionality - making it possible for you to set each band up for the left channel, right channel, mid, or sides.

Each band can also be turned into a Dynamic EQ with the click of a button. In Dynamic EQ mode, each band will let you set the Threshold, Attack, and Release of the filter.

With this, you can create all kinds of automated processors of your own like de-essers, chug controllers, high-shelf exciters, tonal balancers, and more!

Additional Controls

Mid/Side EQ and Dynamic EQ are just some of the major features available in JST EQ. On a band-by-band basis, you can also do things like:

  • Set the filter to only act on the Transient or Sustain of a signal
  • Audition the affected frequencies with Listen mode
  • Bypass individual band (without bypassing the full plugin)

JST EQ is certain to become a mainstay in your workflow once you’ve had a chance to try it out. It has all of the features you need (and none of the ones you don’t).

Ditch the rigidity of fixed-band EQs and stock plugins in favor of something better with JST EQ!

What You'll Get

  • Single-User Perpetual iLok Software License
  • 3 Activations Per License Purchase
  • Audio Plugin in AU, VST3, AAX formats
  • User Manual


  • Mac or Windows computer with supported OS and supported DAW
  • FREE iLok Account (iLok dongle NOT required - Computer, iLok 2/3, iLok Cloud activation supported)

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 7 or above (64 bit): VST3, AAX
  • macOS 10.14 or above (Intel or M1/M2, 64 bit): VST3, AU, AAX

Supported DAWs

  • Cubase
  • Reaper
  • Pro Tools
  • Logic
  • Garageband
  • Ableton Live
  • Studio One
  • FL Studio
  • Digital Performer
  • LUNA


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