JST Bus Glue BG-Mix

Joey Sturgis Tones
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The ultimate compressor for mix bus glue.

JST Bus Glue BG-Mix is a flagship compressor from Joey Sturgis Tones designed specifically to address mix bus compression needs for any mix. This workhorse audio plugin brings a variety of flavors and character to your mix bus, unmatched by any other mix bus processor.

Four Compression Modes

  • Careful (Least Compressed)
  • Lively
  • Bold
  • Fearless (Most Compressed)

Compression Strength

Once you've selected a compression mode, dial in how hard it works with a straightforward Comp Knob from Low to Medium to Max strength.

Mix Control

Blend the compressed and uncompressed signals for parallel compression and punch with the Mix Knob.

Low-End Saturation

Introduce saturation in the low end of your mix with the Warmth Switch.

Advanced Clipping

Engage the Clip Switch to add bite and punch to your mix with additional transient processing.

Makeup Gain

For proper gain staging, use the Output Knob to set the perfect output level from the plugin.

Metering & Threshold Override

See the amount of gain reduction applied by your compressor and use the meter screw to transform JST Bus Glue BG-Mix from a fixed-threshold compressor to a user-defined threshold value.

About Bus Glue

Bus Glue is a series of Bus Compressors designed to excel at controlling the dynamics of specified mix bus groups in a mix using a variety of compression and saturation types combined with over a decade of mixing knowledge and lots of practical field testing across several genres of music.

The goal was to come up with a set of compressors that could do something other compressors weren’t made to do. Most compressor designs are too broad in application and that is why you typically need to stack compressors or insert other processors in your bus chain to achieve desired results.

However, Bus Glue compressors are about as specific as you can get by design, but that’s what makes them so useful. By using Bus Glue as your dynamic control across your various mix busses, you’ll expand your dynamic palette while crafting a whole new sound that is unrivaled by other compression processors.

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