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Introducing the Guitarist Bundle – a comprehensive collection designed to revolutionize studio guitar recording and production.

Craft professional, mix-ready tracks effortlessly with seven Toneforge plugins, each offering multiple gain modes, diverse cabinet/microphone combinations, and post-processing capabilities. From the aggressive tone of Toneforge Menace to the refined nuances of Toneforge Disruptor, this bundle caters to a wide spectrum of musical styles.

Augment your sonic arsenal with JST Demon Fuzz, a fuzz/distortion pedal delivering raw power and intensity to your guitar tones. Explore new dimensions with JST Sky Box, a versatile reverb plugin offering full stereo support, flexible routing, and a multitude of parameters for crafting ethereal soundscapes. Unlock hundreds of cab/mic options with the full suite of JST impulse responses.

The Guitarist Bundle is your ultimate toolkit for achieving studio-quality guitar recordings in the comfort of your home or professional studio – a seamless solution for both aspiring and seasoned session guitarists.

Included Toneforge Plugins:

Toneforge Disruptor

Toneforge Disruptor is a virtual guitar rig plugin & standalone app that simplifies guitar tone and provides all the necessary tools for guitarists, mixers, and producers to create detailed metal tones. Developed in collaboration with Dino Cazares, the guitarist for Fear Factory, it is the first virtual rig to offer DI Match Technology, String/Tuning Mode calibrations, and AI-matched Dino Cazares tones using a Neural Network algorithm.

Toneforge Jeff Loomis

Toneforge Jeff Loomis is the perfect virtual guitar tone solution in audio plugin and standalone app formats for the studio and the stage, brought to you by Joey Sturgis Tones, producer Jens Bogren and legendary guitarist Jeff Loomis!

Toneforge Jason Richardson

Toneforge Jason Richardson is the signature guitar rig plugin of guitar virtuoso Jason Richardson. It’s an all-in-one suite of amps, cabinets, microphones, effects, and post processors designed to cover the immense variety an artist like Jason demands of his studio software!

Toneforge Ben Bruce

Toneforge Ben Bruce is the signature virtual guitar rig plugin of Asking Alexandria’s guitarist, Ben Bruce. It’s an all-in-one suite of tools to take your direct input (DI) signal all the way to a fully-mixed, larger-than-life guitar tone!

Toneforge Menace

Toneforge Menace is a virtual guitar rig plugin designed to give you aggressive metal amp tones that pair perfectly with any guitar lead or riff.

Toneforge Guilty Pleasure

Toneforge Guilty Pleasure is a virtual guitar rig plugin and the perfect in-the-box blend of pedals, amp & cabinets to forge the ultimate high-gain tone.

Toneforge DI Match

Toneforge DI Match allows you to transform guitar & bass DI tracks into hyper-accurate, targeted tones with zero latency. Use any guitar or bass with any combination of pickups/strings and make it sound like another guitar or bass in seconds!

Included Effect Plugins:

JST Sky Box

Featuring 7 unique reverb modes and built-in modulation, JST Sky Box is the perfect solution for enhancing any instrument or vocal, big or small, all in one compact and easy-to-use plugin.

JST Demon Fuzz

JST Demon Fuzz is a beautifully dirty, texture-rich distortion plugin for tone shaping and design.

Over 625+ Impulse Responses


  • Ampeg SVT Classic
  • Fender Twin Vintage
  • Marshall 4x12 (Celestion G12-K100)
  • Marshall 4x12 (Celestion Vintage 30)
  • Mesa Rectifier 1x12 (Eminence CV-75)
  • Tornado Stealth 65
  • Mesa Rectifier 1x12 (Jensen Alnico)
  • Mesa Rectifier 4x12 (Celestion Vintage 30)
  • Zilla 2x12 Greenback (Celestion G12-M)

JTW v30 IR Pack

  • Marshall 4x12
  • Mesa 2x12
  • Neve Portico Preamp
  • Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor
  • Manley Massive Passive EQ
  • Burl Audio Converters

Conquer All Vol. I

  • Oversized Mesa Rectifier (Celestion Vintage 30)
  • Marshall 30th Anniversary 4x12 (Celestion Vintage 30)
  • Peavey 410DX Bass Cab
  • API, Universal Audio & Neve-Style Preamps

Conquer All Vol. II

  • Zilla Fatboy 2x12 (Celestion Speakers)
  • Blackstar Series One 4x12
  • Orange PPC112
  • API & Neve-Style Preamps

Conquer All Vol. III

  • Bogner 212C (Celestion Vintage 30)
  • Marshall 425B Vintage Modern 4x12 (Celestion Greenback)
  • Harley Benton 2x12 (Celestion/ENGL V60)
  • API & Neve-Style Preamps

Conquer All Vol. IV

  • Oversized Marshall 2x12 (Celestion Vintage 30)
  • Marshall Mode 4 4x12 (Celestion K100)
  • Marshall Vintage Modern 2x12 (Celestion Greenback)
  • Open-back Orange 2x12 (Celestion Vintage 30)
  • API & Neve-Style Preamps

Conquer All Vol. V

  • Bogner 412SL (Celestion Greenback)
  • Bogner 412SL (Celestion Vintage 30)
  • Marshall 1960A (Celestion G12T-75)
  • Marshall 1960B (Celestion H Creamback)
  • Marshall 1960B (Celestion Vintage 30)
  • API & Neve-style Preamps


  • Compatible Windows or MacOS Operating System
  • Supported DAW using AAX, AU, or VST3 plugin formats
  • Note: Plugins do not operate as standalone applications.


  • Windows 7+ (64 bit): AAX, VST3
  • macOS 10.14+ (Intel/M-Series, 64 bit): AAX, AU, VST3

Supported DAWs

  • Ableton Live
  • Apple Logic Pro
  • Avid Pro Tools
  • Cockos Reaper
  • MOTU Digital Performer
  • PreSonus Studio One
  • Steinberg Cubase
  • Universal Audio LUNA


  • Copyright © Joey Sturgis Tones LLC. All rights reserved.
  • Windows is a trademark of Microsoft, Inc.
  • MacOS and Audio Unit (AU) are trademarks of Apple, Inc.
  • AAX is a trademark of Avid, Inc.
  • VST and VST3 are trademarks of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH.
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