Djent Essentials Tonepack by JST for Kemper

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Djent Essentials by JST is a powerful collection of guitar tones for Kemper.

Featuring 11 versatile go-to guitar tones for studio and stage, Djent Essentials includes tones for super low drop tunings to spaced out ambient cleans. Let's listen to a few examples:

Tonepacks are downloadable sets of premium and signature guitar or bass tones created by your favorite musicians and producers for use in units like Helix, Kemper, Axe-FX, and more.

Plug and play with the presets or tweak to perfection.

Tonepacks by JST come in a variety of styles and are great for:

  • Jamming or practice
  • Inspiring new writing styles
  • Creating quick demos
  • Using as a final tone in your mix
  • Reamping existing recordings
  • Performing live

However you use them, Tonepacks were created by JST to unleash your creativity.

Compatibility and Requirements

  • Required: Kemper Hardware Unit

What You'll Get

  • Kemper .krig Files
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