JST Sky Box v1.1.4 is Now Available

JST Sky Box v1.1.4 is now available with a fix for the Shimmer reverb mode and some general algorithm improvements. See below for extended details...

What's New?

* Please Note; the following changes may slightly alter the sound of your sessions, so it is therefore advised to keep a copy of your prior plugin version for backup and any recalls you may need to make. To do this you may simply copy the plugin binaries from your plugin folders to a folder/location before updating.


  • [Global] Fixed an issue that caused internal reverb parameters to not refresh after reopening a session (causing a whistle tone).

  • [Shimmer] The "MOD" parameter was not affecting the internal modulation of the branch reverb.

  • [Shimmer] Eliminated unnecessary modulation that led to wrong pitch fluctuations, causing a muffled sound.


  • [Shimmer] Improved the implementation of the pitch shifting algorithm.
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